Product portfolio

Shoe care
AV offers a great variety of leather care products. This includes nourishing creams, lotions and impregnation sprays (liquids and aerosols) as well as several special products.

Household cleaning and maintenance
AV offers the proper solution for every cleaning problem in your household. The range includes hand dishwashing liquid, allpurpose cleaner, neutral cleaner, vinegar cleaner, cream cleaner, cleaner for glass ceramic cookers, glass cleaner, liquid laundry detergent and several special products. For floor cleaning and maintenance AV offers universal floor cleaners, selfshine emulsions and basic cleaners as well as some special products.

Hygiene/freshness in bathroom and toilet
Special sanitary and toilet cleaners offered by AV provide for hygienic cleanliness and a fresh scent in your bathroom. For thorough cleaning of the toilet bowl AV offers liquid cleaners and toilet gels. Toilet tabs and flush gels leave your bathroom with a pleasant fresh scent.

Car care
AV offers a full range of products for car care and maintenance including polishes for paint cleaning and care, products for internal and external cleaning (windshields, rims, upholstery, plastic paneling) as well as high quality carwash additives for summer and winter.